Touching customers

We know that calling customers back and keeping in touch gives us customer loyalty and keeps us in mind when customers are thinking of our service/product - so why is it that so many companies fall short on this one?

When delivering training we explore pipelines and data/customer management and I know allot of my clients not only take it very seriously, but ensure that things are kept up to date and customers know that they "care". The odd email, call, social media update etc is so useful. Use all types of communication available to you and you will find that loyal customer who becomes your advocate.

I have been waiting for a call from a company since yesterday, I have tried endlessly to contact them. I have an issue they can probably resolve immediately and yet they leave me to stew and think badly of them! It's very frustrating and of course means I will not use them again, nor will I recommend them! Silly really, a call is all it takes.

So my words of wisdom this week comes from Jeff Bezos the CEO of who said "If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful."

Let's make sure that word of mouth is POSITIVE then - more power to you!

27 Aug 2013